Hookah Mouth Tips (100 Pack)

Hookah Mouth Tips (100 Pack)


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<option value=”hookah tip”> Hookah Mouth Tip (100 pack)</option>
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Product Description

Square mouth tips have changed the game of hookah mouth pieces.  These tips have a wide, flat opening so they fit more comfortably in your mouth.  Their ergonimic design and thicker design makes them sturdier and last longer.
Square hookah mouth tips are a great way to share your hookah without sharing your germs! Simply place one of these mouth tips into the end of your hookah hose, and take it back out when you pass the hose. These amazing hookah hose tips come in white and glow-in-the-dark varieties, making these tips a fun addition to any nighttime hookah smoking.
Square hookah tips come in packs of 100 hookah mouth tips.


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